Dialogue 1

Pt 1

King Renaud It has been a long time since I have seen your face Feldeh.(fell-day)

Feldeh Indeed Renaud. Far to long. Almost a hundred years by my reckoning.

King Renaud Then perhaps not long enough

{The king charges Feldeh and swings his massive hammer. The blow is deflected easily by the larger Feldeh. The two begin to fight furiously. The sword glints in the mid-day sun as it rains down on Renaud’s armoured shoulders. Renaud’s hammer kicks up dirt as it pounds into the ground missing Feldeh by mere inches. The two separate and resume their stance each measuring the other.}

Feldeh You still do not know how to fight old man.

King Renaud Have you forgotten everything fool?

{Renaud reaches to his neck and grabs a silver chain. He pulls hard and a holy symbol of Sadael. Renaud speaks an incantation and a bolt flies forth and strikes Feldeh. Feldeh’s skin is burnt but otherwise he seems unfazed.}

Feldeh Your coward’s god has no power here.

King Renaud By the power of Sadael. I forsake you demon. PERISH!

{A chasm opens in the earth beneath Feldeh and a hand reaches for him. The hand grabs Feldeh at the waist and begins to pull him down.}


{A flash of light fills the courtyard. Return to Web of Deceit}

Pt. 2

{The king’s steward rushes to his prone form. He places his hand at his neck searching for signs of life. He visibly relaxes when he finds that the king is still leaving}

Steward (character’s name), the king needs help. He lives for now but he clings to a tenuous thread. You must go west to the great forest and find life root. It is very rare. You must go quickly. After you have it return the root to Brandt the apothecary. Go.

{The steward has the king’s body carried into the castle and leaves the characters standing in the courtyard with little less. Return to Web of Deceit}

Dialogue 1

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